Week 12 standings and Week 13 game schedule

Hi all,

Here are the updated Div and overall standings up to and including week 12master score sheet 2015 Sheet1

Below is the schedule for our Week 13 Aug. 9th

Umpires: Gramercy Grill

North Diamond:                                                                              South Diamond:

10:00 am  Open                                                              10:00am     Open

11:30am      RiverBoat  v Last Call (H)                            11:30am     Chambar v Eatery  (H)

1:00pm        Gramercy v Balls & Mitts (H)                       1:00pm       Park Rangers v Bridges  (H)

2:30pm        Red Truck v Pool Party  (H)                         2:30pm      Whistler v Mission  (H)

4:00pm        Howe Sound v Fungos  (H)                         4:00pm       Romers v Chewies  (H)

Saturday playoff schedule will be posted on Monday August 10th.

Playoffs will be rain or shine on Sat and Sun Aug. 15-16 with our wrap-up party being held at 8:00pm at the home of our league sponsor, The Belmont Bar. As always, it should be a great night to celebrate another great season. Make sure your entire team is there to enjoy the party!


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