Hi all,
Here is the link for the updated standings including week #6.WK# 6 League Standings Sheet1
Some interesting results in both the Divisional and Overall standings.
Attention Team Captains: Team rosters and league insurance forms must be signed and handed in this Sunday. Failure is not an option! All players must be registered and insured to play the balance of our season. If you have a new player please forward their information to Hammy ASAP.

Using substitute Players:

Captains, please involve the opposing team Captains when picking up players. It allows them the opportunity to be involved in the process so there can be no question of fair play or unbalanced choosing of players.

A reminder that all pick up players must bat last in your batting order. No exceptions! Note: The rule of Max 4 guy batters in a row takes precedence.

Don’t forget to hit Doolin’s and the Belmont bar when you head downtown for some fun. Check in with Kiran and say thanks for being such a great sponsor for our league!

Great start to the season,



Hello Everybody,

Thank you for your patience waiting for our schedule. The schedule, contacts list and standings tabs on this site will all be updated shortly. Here is our 2015 Sunday Funday Softball Schedule

Below is week one’s schedule for quick ease.

See you all soon,


Week 1  Umpiring team Fungo’s

Dbl header teams : Balls & Mitts, Eatery Generals, Gramercy Grill, Howe Sound

   Visitor                                    Home

10:00  north field      Red Truck                              Mission

11:30  north field      Pool Party                              Whistler

1:00   north field      Fungos                                   Howe Sound

2:30   north field      Howe Sound                           Chambar

4:00   north field      Chewies                                  Bridges

10:00 south field     Riverboat                                Balls & Mitts

11:30 south field     Balls & Mitts                            Last Call

1:00  south field      Romers                                   Gramercy Grill

2:30  south field      Gramercy Grill                         Eatery Generals

4:00  south field      Park Rangers                          Eatery Generals

Park Rangers responsible for picking up the equipment and leaving the park clean

Hello Everybody,

Our 2015 season is fast approaching and we need to get things organized to have another great season.

Firstly, we need confirmation from all team captains that they will be able to field a complete team for the upcoming season. I need confirmation from team captains by February 23rd. Any responses later than that may result in loss of a teams spot in the league as we have a 7 team wait list for our league.

Our league meeting will be held Monday March 1st at the Kingston Tap House at 8:00pm

League fees will be $750.00 and are due at the league meeting. Receipts will be emailed out that night.

Performance bonds are $250.00 and carried over from last year with the exception of RiverBoat, Gramercy Grill and Pool Party.

Key League Dates:
Opening day – April 26th
Ages Tourney / Ladies Challenge Game – TBA
SPFK Tourney – July 11-12
League Playoffs – August 15-16

Saturday Schedule (PDF Download)
Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 4.25.32 PM

2014 Sunday Funday Softball League Playoffs – Saturday August 16th
Saturday August 16th DOUGLAS PARK – NORTH FIELD
GROUP A2 5 – Pool Party 8 – Red Truck 9 – Kingston 12 – Bottleneck
Time Umpiring Team Score Higher Seeded Teams Chooses Home or Away For Each Game Score
9:00am Bottleneck Bar   Pool Party Kingston Taphouse  
10:30am Kingston   Pool Party Bottleneck Bar  
12:00pm Pool Party   Kingston Taphouse Red Truck  
1:30pm Red Truck   Kingston Taphouse Bottleneck Bar  
3:00pm Kingston   Pool Party Red Truck  
4:30pm Pool Party   Bottleneck Bar Red Truck  
Game Times – 1 Hour & 15 Minutes – No New Inning to start after 75min (3 games per team)
Saturday August 16th DOUGLAS PARK – SOUTH FIELD
GROUP A3 6 – Fungos 7 – Howe Sound 10 – Whistler 11 – Bridges
Time Umpiring Team Score Higher Seeded Teams Chooses Home or Away For Each Game Score
9:00am Whistler   Howe Sound Fungos  
10:30am Fungos   Howe Sound Whistler Brewers  
12:00pm Howe Sound   Fungos Bridges  
1:30pm Bridges   Fungos Whistler Brewers  
3:00pm Fungos   Howe Sound Bridges  
4:30pm Howe Sound   Whistler Brewers Bridges  
Game Times – 1 Hour & 15 Minutes – No New Inning to start after 75min (3 games per team)
GROUP A1 1 – Riverboat 2 – Last Call 3 – Balls & Mitts 4 – Gramercy Grill
Time Umpiring Team   Higher Seeded Teams Chooses Home or Away For Each Game Score
9:00am Riverboat   Gramercy Grill Balls & Mitts  
10:30am Balls & Mitts   Gramercy Grill Riverboat Gamblers  
12:00pm Gramercy Grill   Balls & Mitts Last Call  
1:30pm Last Call   Balls & Mitts Riverboat Gamblers  
3:00pm Balls & Mitts   Gramercy Grill Last Call  
4:30pm Gramercy Grill   Riverboat Gamblers Last Call  
Game Times – 1 Hour & 15 Minutes – No New Inning to start after 75min (3 games per team)
GROUP B 13 – Eatery 14 – Romers 15 – Chewies 16 – Chambar
Time Umpiring Team Score Higher Seeded Teams Chooses Home or Away For Each Game Score
9:00am Romers   Chambar Chewies  
10:30am Chewies   Chambar Romers  
12:00pm Chambar   Chewies Eatery Generals  
1:30pm Eatery   Chewies Romers  
3:00pm Chewies   Chambar Eatery Generals  
4:30pm Chambar   Romers Eatery Generals  
Game Times – 1 Hour & 15 Minutes – No New Inning to start after 75min (3 games per team)
Saturday Round Robin Rules            
Each umpiring team is required to provide 2 umps for their scheduled games (1 home plate ump & 1 base ump)
Max 5 runs per inning except open inning / 12 run in effect after 5 innings / max +/- is 12 runs in standings
Round robin games are on a 1 hour & 15 minute time limit (no new innings to be started after the 70 minute mark)
Any round robin games that end in a tie count as a tie in the standings
A win is worth 2pts in the standings – A tie is worth 1 point in the standings – A loss is worth zero points in the standings
Saturday Group Tie Break Format – (1) Most PTS (2) Most Wins (3) Head to Head (4) Plus/Minus (5) Highest Regular Season Seed
Please help keep the fields tidy, keep all booze in cups and NO PEEING in alleys (bathrooms at both parks)


Hi all,

Below is the final Schedule for week 13 games, Aug 10th. It is the fairest set up for all teams as this way we are just replaying June 15th rain out. With the exception being, Red Truck v Chambar instead of Chambar V Balls & Mitts.

This change is to ensure at least 15 games for Red Truck.  Note: Final standings will refer to winning percentage if teams have played an uneven number of games as posted in our league rules.
Please make sure your scores from this final week of league play are handed in so we can create our playoff schedule as soon possible.
Make sure all your teammates can play both Sat and Sun Aug 16-17th so all our playoff games can be played as your full teams.
Our 2014 Sunday Funday Softball League Wrap-UP Party will be held by our league sponsor Doolins/ The Cellar an hour after the Glove final at Douglas Park. Make sure all your teammates are there to help us celebrate another great year of playing ball and having fun!
See you all this Sunday,


Week #13 Sunday August 10th – Douglas Park
Umpiring Team Double Header Teams
GRAMERCY GRILL  Bottlneck Bar – Chewies – Fungos – Last Call
Time Field Score Visitor Home Score
10:00am North Chewies Kingston Taphouse
11:30am North Pool Party Chewies
1:00pm North Whistler Last Call
2:30pm North Fungos Last Call
4:00pm North Fungos Howe Sound
10:00am South GRAMERCY GRILL Balls & Mitts
11:30am South Eatery Generals Riverboat Gamblers
1:00pm South Red Truck Chambar
2:30pm South Romers Bottleneck Bar
4:00pm South Bridges Bottleneck Bar
Umpire Next Weekend: League to arrange Responsible for packing up gear and leaving a clean field

Red truck martini fundraiserThe Red Truck Softball team would like to invite you to our Martini Fundraiser event to support SPFK and Make-A-Wish! Your $10 ticket gets you 3 expertly made martinis from our lovely and talented bartenders, as well $4.50 draft beers for the rest of the night!

Tickets available at the door, and the contest runs from 8pm-11pm. Please get there early, as there are a limited number of tickets!!!

Hi All,

Hi all, here are the teams for the Ladies Challenge Game for our first annual Seing into Summer event that benefits SPFK and Make a Wish!
It should be a great day on Sat day.  Fun Starts at 10:am come out and have  fun, it’s for the kids!
Ladies game is at 2:30 on the south diamond

Team Lunachicks
Amanda Ovenden
Michelle Cranston
Heather Alexson
Heather Rankin
Carolyn Rollo
Melissa Sanderson
Dawn Debauschers
Kim Payne
Judy Robbins
Laura Barnes

Team Crazy Pitches
Kelly Hughes
Randy Hermus
Sarah Penman
Liz Caridi
Tanis Sanum
Crystal Tagman
Jasmin Yip
Laura McGee
Jenn Lemansky
Laura Dane

TeaMs were down by the flipping of a coin when your n

Guy’s Ages Challenge Tourney.
Team Rusty Nails – 40 plus
Dave Newis
Jimmy Nicholson
Ramel Halili
Clint Goldsmith
Doug Whidden
Jay Wylie
Brad Klyn
Jamie Levchuk
Shane Epp

Team B Wildcats. 34yrs – 40yrs.
Shane Ryan
Tim MacDonald
Steve Bouman
Jordan Schartner
Joe Sutherland
Shaun Clark
Rick Campbell
Dahv Waller
Joel Thompson

Team C. Young Pups. 34 and below

Jason Margolus
Chris Sereda
Matt Hamilton
Paul Kramczynski
Jason Harynuk
Mike Styrna
Brad Thomas
Gordie Whyte
10:00 am
Young Pups vs Wildcats
11:30 am
Young Pups v Rusty Nails
Rusty Nails vs Wildcats
Ladies Challenge Game
Guys Challenge Final
Any tiebreakers will be broken with a team boat race
Good luck to all!

ame came up. All flips we done by the accounting firm of J Schartner and assoc.


So here is the plan for Sat.

10:00am  Young Pups v Wildcats

11:30am  Young Pups v Rusty Nails

1:00pm  Rusty Nails v Wildcats

2:30pm  Ladies Challenge Game

Lunachicks v Crazy Pitches

Beer sponsored by Delicious Red Truck Beer! Food sponsored by Zac’s Pizza