Don’t forget your wallet at home this Sunday because you’re going to want it for the BBQ and RAFFLE. Whistler Brewers will be cooking up some burgers and hot dogs all day at Douglas Park so grab one before your game and one after.

While your there be sure to grab a couple raffle tickets. They will be raffling off a Whistler Beer Keg as well as a wine basket. What a great way to start the summer then with your own keg party!

All money raised benefits SPFK so talk to any Whistler team member for more details.


GG World Cup Pool – SPFK Fundraiser

See a GG rep this weekend at Sunday Funday to purchase a ticket that contains info on how to make your picks.

World Cup starts June 12th so picks need to be in by June 12th at 8am.

$20 entry = 5 prize payouts with $1000 top prize.

It’s For The Kids!!!!!!

Hi all,

First off, thank you for getting your teams out to play on Sunday. We had a great day of games despite the weather. We’ve had a great start to the season, thank you! Congrats to Chewies and Chambar for having such a great start to joining our league. Welcome, it’s great having you join us on Sundays!

We have a bunch of information to pass on to all our leagues players and we will need your help informing everyone.
A) A player has been suspended for 4 games from our league for public peeing at the field. Please make sure that all your players know how important it is that they adhere to this basic rule.

B) We have written a new Code of Conduct for our league. It is important that every player reads it as they will be held accountable for their actions based upon it. Captains and Vice Captains will need to understand the process that will be followed if an incident occurs. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding the Code of Conduct. We aren’t lawyers or police and don’t want to be! We do need all your help in making sure the league continues.Code of Conduct

C) Insurance forms will be included in your score books this weekend. Please have all players on your team sign up. I need these forms completed by June 1st. All players in our league must be insured to play! If you have late additions to your team please have them sign the spare form in your score books and hand them into Sean.

D) Registration for the Men’s Ages one day Tourney & the Ladies Challenge game. June 21st is now open on our leagues website,  Space is limited so please make sure all your players know about and sign up quickly! It should be a great day, It’s for the kids!
Trophies and prizing will be provided.
We will have a BBQ all day.
Men’s Ages Tourney:
Cost is $30.00 per player. All proceeds will be donated to SPFK and Make A Wish BC
First 60 players to register play. Teams will be created by the ages of all the players playing. Teams will be posted June 15th at the field during regular league play. Teams will receive T-shirts as uniforms
Game format will be round robin tourney with the top two teams will play in a final game after the Ladies Challenge game.

Ladies Challenge Game:
Cost is $30.00 per player. All proceeds will be donated to SPFK and Mae A Wish BC
First 30 ladies to register will play. Teams will be created by drawing names out of a hat June 15th at the field during league play. Tank tops will be provided as uniforms

E) SPFK registration is filling up fast! Register your team at for the best weekend, July 12-13, of the year!

Thanks for all your efforts in making our league so great!
Se you at the yard, meat!

Hi all

as of now all games are on!

Registration for the men’s Ages Challenge Tourney and ladies Challenge Game June 21 opens this evening. Space is limited to 60 guys and 30 ladies so make sure you sign up quickly! It’s $30.00 per player with all proceeds going to SPFK on behalf of Make a Wish .


Hello Everybody,

Opening Day is upon us this Sunday!

imageheres a few reminders to make sure we have a great season:

No peeing or smoking in any alleys near our park!

All Beverages MUST BE IN CUPS!  No a can in a cup is not good enough! Nor are can wraps.

Clean up after yourselves and let leave the park cleaner than we find it.

Have fun!

Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. They may become your new best friend

see you all at the diamonds,


Three and a half years ago Ken was diagnosed with melanoma.  After surgeries and treatments, it was thought that he had eradicated the  disease. However, last March we found that the cancer had come back. He was  diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma, which means it has travelled to other areas of  his body. He has been battling hard, undergoing many different treatments. The  treatment he is doing now is a combination drug that is working and reducing the  tumours. It is costing $10,000/month and this is the reason for the fundraiser.

Many of you know Ken, as he was our “MVP” pitcher for Bridges when we won  the ‘B’ cup in 2011. He was going through his first treatments at that time. I  know cancer hits home with a lot of you out there and to see this happen to your  best friend at the age of 30, it really stops you in your tracks. So we’re  throwing this party in efforts to help Ken in this extremely difficult battle.  The party will be held at Bridges Restaurant on Sunday, April 6th from  4:30-1:00. We have a live band, a DJ, lots of raffle prizes, games and it will  certainly be an amazing time for a great cause. Tickets are $10. You can get  them through me or at the door if you’d like. If you have any questions or if  you would like to help out in any way, please feel free to call or email me. We  also have a website made up for Ken where you can donate online through pay pal  if you wish to do so.
Thanks everyone!
Your friend,

After almost two years in the making Dehv Waller and Alex Sashaw are shaving their heads for LOCKS OF LOVE.The event is dedicated to the memory of Michael Klyn and Winston Rekert.

The Party starts at 1pm with the big shave at 3pm. The money from every Red Truck Ale sold goes directly to Lock of Love. There are a bunch of food and drink specials as well as some games and prizes.

There will be tax forms for any financial donations. Even if you cant donate we would love to have everyone there to support such a great cause.

This amazing event is sponsored by Red Truck Beer and The Kingston Taphouse and Grille.


Hello everybody,

This is a recap of our Captains meeting we had a couple of weeks ago as well as important dates for the upcoming season.
Please forward this on to your teammates so that everyone in the league is aware of what’s going on this season.

League Fees are due March 10th. Please have cheques made out to Sean Hamilton. Receipts will be emailed upon payment. Fees are $750. league fees and $250. performance bond.
Scheduling requests must also be in by March 10th. Please forward those to Alex  Sashaw. Any ties in requests will be determined by who pays there fees first.

Team Fundraising dates:
Please send in your teams requested dates to Alex if you want to plan a fund raising effort. It was decided that only one team per week should be doing fundraising at the park. If you wish to have your fundraising weekend coincide with your teams umpiring weekend, please specify this to Alex.

New teams:
Please welcome to our league Chewie’s and Chambar.  We say goodbye to Baru and Original Joe’s.

Division Sponsors and League Sponsorship:

We welcome back and thank Whistler Brewing, Red Truck Beer, Howe Sound Brewing and Monsoon Coolers for sponsoring our Divisions and providing prizing to each division winner.
We are still working on having a league sponsor confirmed and will update everyone as soon as it gets confirmed.

Executive Committee:
We again would like to thank Mike Ebner and Sam Payne for all their time and efforts they have given to the league as part of the league executive.  Taking their places we welcome with open arms, Kelly Hughes and Jordan Schartner, joining Alex Sashaw, Doug Whidden and Sean Hamilton as your league executive committee.

Meeting Notes:

Feedback on the Divisional format was good! Divisional seeding will be done by last year standings. Note: Executive Committee has power to seed new teams as they see best for league.
Female Outfield commitment line will stay at last years distance of 35 paces behind the 1st and 3rd base/s.
New Player Code of Conduct: We will have a simple code of contact that all players must sign before league play starts. This is to help self police unacceptable behavior within our league. The final draft of the Code will be forwarded to all team captains by the end of March for review.

New News:
A one day AGES Tourney will be organized for June 21st. The first 60 players to sign up will play a round robin tourney for prizes and bragging rights. Team ages separation will be determined by the ages of the players who sign up. The goal of this one day tourney will be to make a league donation to SPFK from the Sunday Funday Softball League.
Also on June 21st will be an ALL Ladies of our League exhibition game. The first 30 ladies to sign up to play will have the chance to show off their skills and help raise some money for Make a Wish and SPFK.
(Note: Our field permit has not been confirmed for this day as of today. Very sorry, I’ve waited as long as I could. Therefore date for this event may change.)

Important Dates:

March 10th  – League fees due. Special schedule requests from teams.
April 27th     – Opening Day!!!
June 21st*    – Ages One day Tourney and Ladies of our League Exhibition Game. ( Date to be confirmed soon )
July 12-13th  – 8th Annual SPFK, Slow Pitch For Kids, benefiting Make a Wish
Aug 16-17th  – League Playoffs
Aug 17th        – Trophy Presentations and League Wrap Up Party  (TBA)

Long Weekends: We play the May Long Weekend and take Canada Day and August Long weekends off.

I look forward to having another great season with lots of laughter and fun on the hill at Douglas Park.
See you all soon,
Sean (Hammy)