Hello everybody,

So after a great first week we need to correct a few things so that we can continue to be a great league.

Firstly, we had a guy peeing in the alley behind the closest home from the North field around 5:00 pm. He drives a large black SUV. Whomever you are, it is important that you come forward and contact Hammy ASAP.

We are responsible for making sure that NO ONE EVER USES THE LANES AS A TOILET!  This includes being responsible for anyone that may come to watch us play.

There will be no warnings, being caught in any alley from this point forward will result in a 1 year ban from our league. No exceptions!

Please help police each other, before we lose our park permits, permanently!

Competitive play and having fun:

It has become clear that it needs to be restated for some that Sunday Softball is at it’s core supposed to be fun. Arguing calls, verbal chippieness and threatening violence against your opponent are just some of what happened this past week. We need to make sure that this does not continue! We are a fun league! If your are acting like an ass in anyway during your game, regardless of the situation,  you are the problem!

At the end of the day, very few people even know who won the game, which is exactly the way it should be.

Your executive committee is trying to figure out if we need a points/yellow card system for both good and bad behavior. Continued poor  may result in suspension or worse… So lets get our shit together people! If someone on your team is acting like an ass, call them on it. If someone does something stupid, don’t react and make it worse!

Lastly, all beverages must be in a cup, period! We need to hide all beer boxes and clean up after ourselves better.

Captains need to tweet their scores to @sunday softball.  Team Roster forms need to be filled out and handed in no later than the last week in May.

Hopefully the sunshine stays at least until Sunday,


This weeks collection of stuff left at the park. Also not in the photo 2 light tan coloured gloves a set of Mini car keys,
And I found two sets of dignity on the hill but just left them there.
As always, find Hammy Sunday for your stuff

Hi all,
Well today might have been are best opening day I can remember! Other than the ball in face incident in center field for an O Joes player!!! Get well soon buddy!
Thank you to all team captains for running a great opening day and getting our league off on the right foot! Lots of great games were played today with some amazing plays made.
I hardly had to play bad cop reminding folks about using cups for your beverages. Plus it only threatened to rain so we got lucky!
Great seeing all the familiar faces at the park today, and a warm welcome to the new faces we haven’t gotten to know.
I hope all of you had as much fun as me! See you next week,

Hi all,

You all are invited to come down to the Lions Pub 888 Cordova st. on Saturday night April 28th to have a burger and beer night and help Judy and her team meet her fundraising goals for her ride. The last regular season Canucks game will be on, plus some great prizes and fun to be had.  The fun starts at 6:pm

Treat this as our leagues Opening Day Party as we get down to the business of starting our season the next day! We look forward to seeing you all for a great night,




Hello Sunday Fundayers,

This year the Pool Party will be running an NHL Playoff Hockey Pool to raise money for the SPFK.  It will be a bracket style pool.  All you need to do is pick the winning teams in each round and the correct number of games.

The pool is $20 per entry.  $10 goes to the winners pot, $10 goes to the kids.  The top 2 entrants will split the pot (not evenly).  If we have 70+ entrants then we will award cash to the top 3!  1st place is expected to win $400+ (with 100 entrants it would be $600-$700).  The exact split will be determined as soon as we receive all submissions (yes, before the playoffs start).

Updated pool standings will be sent out via email at the end of each round.



You can either fill out a copy in person at the field on Sunday, April 28th OR select your teams from a drop down on a spread sheet (it’s really easy, I promise).  If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet, please just email poolpartysoftball@gmail.com and one will be sent to you as soon as the playoff matchups are set.

The $20 can be delivered to Dave Ryan or Nicole de Boer (or another member of the Pool Party if you trust them not to spend it on beer).

Please forward this email to every member of your team.  We also encourage sending to family and friends as the more entrants means a larger pot AND more money for the kids!

Please email poolpartysoftball@gmail.com if you have any questions.  I have attached the details.

See you all in a couple weeks!


Hello Everybody,

So I know we are all getting excited for Opening Day. I know some teams have already had some practices and with some help from the weather gods, this should be our best season yet!

We have a few extra people looking to join a team. If your short a player of two from the minimum 12 on your roster. Find Hammy on opening day and I will help make the connections happen.

Here are some point form notes to act as reminders so our league can run smoothly

– We play in all weather! Expect all games to be played unless your team captains have been contacted, posts here on the league website, on Twitter @Softball Funday, or our FB page Sunday funday softball league. Rainouts will be called no earlier than 9:30am

  New Bats: Please refer to our bat rules for 2013 further below here on the website home page. The Boys at The Sports Exchange can help you through any purchases so your bat/s will comply.

– Drinking at the field: As always we need a team effort to help anyone who might be new to our league or is old and may have forgotten our basic rules: 1) ALL DRINKS ARE TO BE IN CUPS! NO EXCEPTIONS! Beer can covers/ coosies aren’t good enough. 2) All beer boxes or signs of alcohol at the park needs to be hidden well. 3) We leave the park cleaner than we find it!

-Washrooms: We have keys to unlock the washrooms at Douglas Park. ABSOLUTELY NO PEEING IN THE SURROUNDING ALLEYS. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! NO EXCEPTIONS OR WARNINGS. YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM OUR LEAGUE!  Complaints from the neighbors is the faster way we can lose our field permits. Please help remind anyone who you see thinking of using the neighborhood as their washroom.

Game times: A reminder that it is a forfeit if you have fewer than 6 players from your own team to start a game. You may borrow players from other teams, to complete your gameday roster, as long as your opponents agree to your pick ups.

Umpiring Teams: The team responsible for umpiring is also responsible for, reporting scores, safety, and collecting all the equipment and leaving the park clean.

Lets have a great season,