Hello Everybody,

Just a few notes and updates to keep everyone one the same page moving forward to our AGM on Feb 18th at the Kingston Pub 7:00pm. All teams are required to have representation at this meeting.

League News:

Original Joe’s has stepped up and is our new league sponsor! We look forward to having O Joe’s as a league partner! We have 16 confirmed teams for the upcoming season. Please welcome two new teams to our league, The Pint and TnT which is captained by Tim and Tanis ( formally of Whistler). Also Dave Hardcore will be running Pool Party under a new team name (TBA). Mike Sterna will be running the Ceili’s team this year as the Kits locations new GM. Congrats Mike!

New League Twitter address: Our new league Twitter handle is @SoftballFunday

Please pass this on to everyone on your team as we will be using this as a way to get news out to our whole league quickly for scores, rain outs, parties, events and any other league notices. We also plan to run a weekly photo contest using this site as well, with weekly prizing!

League Fees:

Fees are due at the meeting on Feb 18th
Total fees are $1000.

$750 for league fees and $250 Performance Bond which will be held in trust against your team forfeiting games.

Monetary penalties for forfeiting any scheduled games for any reason ( 6 players from your team is considered fielding a team)

  • 1st offense $100
  • 2nd offense $150 and your team status within the league will go under review with the league executive.

Forfeited penalty money will be forwarded to the team who showed up and didn’t get to play.
Every teams Performance Bond money balance will be returned to each team captain at the League Wrap Up Party in cash.


We are working on our schedule and how it will be organized already. We will have a complete schedule for both league play and playoffs outlined at the meeting on the 18th.

Scheduling requests:

The deadline for any specific dates or game times on specific Sunday’s will be Feb 18th at our meeting. Note: We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee anything!

Bats and Bat Rules updates:

As an addendum to our existing bat rules, ( found under rules on our league website ) any new bats must have the following labeling.


ASA Approved Stamp and “NEW” USSSA Stamp


January 1st, 2012, Slo-Pitch National announced that we will be recognizing and accepting the New USSSA bat testing methods for use in the SPN program.


All 2012 USSSA Bats marked with the ”NEW USSSA STAMP ON THE TAPER OF THE BAT” will be allowed in the SPN program.


ALL bats manufactured after January 1, 2012 “MUST CARRY THE NEW USSSA STAMP”.


SPN will also continue to use the 2000, 2004 ASA and ISF stamps and the Non Approved Bat List


We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting and welcoming those new folks who have stepped up to run their teams! Keep checking our website for updates.
Your league Executive

Sean, Alex, Doug and Sam

Hello Everybody,
It is that time already, a new season of Sunday Funday softball will be upon us soon. To start the planning process for this season, as Team Captains, we need to know your teams intentions for this season no later than Feb.11th.
We are expecting some team movement as teams merging, folding or the beginning of new teams seem to be the talk around the water cooler. Confirmation of your teams intentions needs to be communicated clearly by email, so we can iron out the details with regard to league fees and scheduling before our AGM Meeting Feb. 18th at 7:00pm at the Kingston Pub. League fees are due at this meeting!
Please note, if your team is folding, yet some players from your team still want to be apart of our league, please have them leave a message on the league website so we can hopefully get them on a different team and playing.
As Team Captains, please confirm you have at least 14-15 committed players on your rosters. 10-11 players is not considered a full roster.

Dates of Note:

Feb 11th   – Team Confirmations completed
Feb 18th   – Annual Captains Meeting and League AGM  7:00pm at the Kingston Pub (Downstairs)
Feb 18th   – League fees due
Apr. 28th   – Opening Day!
July 13-14 – SPFK, SloPitch for Kids  Tourney weekend
Aug 17-18 – League Playoffs weekend
Aug 18      – League Wrap Up Party  TBA

Any questions please shoot us an email and we will be happy to help as best we can,
Your League Exec’s

Hello Everybody,

Congratulations to both Bridges, and the Shack-Balls & Mitts for winning both the Red Truck “B Cup” and “The Glove” Trophies this weekend.

The “B Cup” was won by Bridges who beat the Bottleneck Bar pretty easily. I think it could have been a closer game if Bottleneck’s pitcher, Kelly, didn’t have to leave for his job as an airline pilot. Irv did his best but as we all know, good pitching sure makes a difference in Slo-Pitch.

The A finals game between the Gramercy Grill and the Shack-Balls & Mitts was a tight one indeed. Many great defensive plays were made keeping the final score 5-4. It did take an extra inning to decide a winner between them and both teams can say the played very well.

Congratulations go out to Eric, and Laura from Bridges winning the “B” MVP’s and Dawn and Brad for winning the “A” MVP’s. You all were great all weekend and helped lead your teams to victory.

Thank you to all who came to Original Joe’s for the league Wrap Up Party a great time was had by all. Proper thanks need to be passed on to all those who donated prizing for our party and O Joe’s for letting us have the run of their place, Great work everyone!

In closing I would like to thank your League Executive, Doug Whidden, Sam Payne, Alex Sashaw and Mike Ebner for all the time and effort it takes to make our league one of the best in the city.

Thank you all for another great year of Sunday Funday Softball,


Hello Everybody,

Sorry I haven’t posted our playoff game schedule as yet. We are waiting on a couple of teams confirmation that they will have enough players for all their scheduled games.

We will post the complete playoff schedule ASAP today.


This seasons league wrap up party will be held at Original Joe’s at Brodaway and Cambie

Party starts at 7pm, awards and prizes are handed out at 8pm and then the party will roll all night long. Please make sure all your teammates come  to one of the best summer nights of the year!

Thank you all, good luck in the playoffs!


Hello Everybody,

So we had a pretty good day out at the park yesterday. Just a few pieces of business to keep up with.

Both Romers and Pool Party forfeited their 10:00am games this week. We need better communication to happen if you think your team might be short players. Especially if your playing the 10am game. No one wants to make the effort to get to the park and find out a team wasn’t considerate enough to at least give them a call. That includes those who show up to umpire. A phone call is required to someone on League Executive Committee

-No games on the long weekend! Enjoy yourselves!

-Some important games regarding playoffs and final standings are coming up in our last week of league play down at Jericho sailing center fields on Aug 11th and 12th.

-Looks like some big games are coming up for Phat, Gramercy and Ceili’s to see who gets the 4th spot in the standings

-We also have a log jam of teams fighting for their playoff seeds  in our top 11 teams on our final week.

-Teams 12-thru 17 will be playing for the Red Truck “B CUP” and cannot advance to the ”A Pool” during playoffs.

Should be an interesting last weekend to a most competitive season. Remember to pass it on to your entire team that our field for the last weekend of our season is down at the Jericho Sailing Center. Douglas Park is booked for playoffs from another league so we get bumped every year on this weekend.

Tiebreakers are as follows for teams tied in standings at end of season:

A) Forfeits-If teams are tied in standings, If a team has defaulted any games during season, a lower seed is automatic.

B) Winning percentage

C) Wins

D) Head to Head play

E) Plus/Minus with runs

F) Coin Flip

Our complete playoff structure and brackets will be posted later this week.

-The grouping breakdowns will be as follows:

Teams ranked 1 thru 4 will be a playoff group on Saturday,playing for seeding in “A Pool” play on Sunday

Teams ranked 5 thru 12 will be split into two pools for Saturday play and the top 5 teams from Sat will fill out the “A Pool” on Sunday. Bottom 3 teams will go to “B Pool”

Teams 13 thru 17 will be in a group on SAT. and will be playing for seeds on Sunday for the “B CUP”

9 Teams will play on the A side for the Glove Trophy on Sunday

8 Teams will play on the B side for the Red Truck B Cup on Sunday

All teams will play 3 games on Saturday and all teams are guaranteed 1 game on Sunday

-Lost and Found:

Have a look in the photo >>>> to see if any of this is yours! I give it all away at the end of every year so please check if you’ve lost something


Thanks to all, have a great long weekend,



Hello Everybody,

Just so all are aware, on the standings page here on our website, you might notice a Team line called Forfeits. This is here to accurately reflect league standings on our site taking into account games which were not played as well as all games that have been played. This is to better reflect proper winning percentages in case of ties within our standings.

A good week had this week, lots of very good games played with lots of smiles around the park!


Your executive committee met today to finalize our playoff structure and schedule for this season. We are confident that we are going to have a very fun and competitive playoffs this years. All the details will be posted on here after this weeks games.

A reminder, anyone playing on your team during the playoffs needs to have played in 4 weeks of game play. This means the cutoff for new players to the league has come and gone if they wanted to participate in our playoffs this year.

Have a great week,  Nice catch Kleiner!



Hello everybody,
It is with great pride we are able to announce that the 6th annual Slo Pitch for Kids Softball Tourney raised over $62,000. this year! That’s more than enough money to grant 10 wishes through Make a Wish BC/Yukon.
Congratulations to all involved and thank you for all your efforts raising such an amazing amount for the kids.
Hopefully with all your effort 2013 we can break the 70K mark!
A heartfelt thank you to all,
The SPFK Wish Crew

Hello Everybody,

-League scores and standings are updated now. Missing scores from Pool Party v Balls&Mitts and Bottleneck v Bridges games.

-Joel from Whistler left his Easton glove behind on Sunday. If anyone grabbed it please let us know and we’ll help get it back to him.

Only a few days until the 6th Annual Slo Pitch for Kids Tourney kicks off on Sat. out at Riverway Park in Burnaby. Come on out and see how much fun we have raising money for Make A Wish.

Buses: WE have buses running to and from Ceili’s Kits to Riverway Park for the SPFK Tourney. Space is limited!!! Cost is $20. Round trip and your seat is guaranteed both ways! To reserve your spot on the busses email  jrobbins@shaw.ca   Be Smart, Don’t Drink and Drive!!

We have teams looking for a couple of ladies to play with them. Please contact Hammy if you’d like to play this weekend.

Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing you all this weekend,


SPFK Day 1 Schedule!!
Photo: SPFK Day 1 Schedule!!

Hello Everybody,

Posted below is the  Day 1 schedule for the tourney next week. Also space is going fast on the bus service to and from the tourney both am and pm Sat & Sun. See previous posts for more details..

See you all at the park today,