1. We leave the park cleaner than we find it

2. Umpiring team is responsible for park cleanup

3. Absolutely no using the lanes or neighbor’s yards as toilets

4. ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MUST BE IN non-branded PLASTIC CUPS!!! Beer boxes must be kept discreet and All empties dispose of quickly

5. We play with 7-3 mix of players, A minimum of 2 females and a total of 8 players are the minimum to play the game. Any less than 10 batters (players) is an auto out wherever the offending team wants in their line-up.

6. A MINIMUM of 6 players from YOUR TEAM must be on the field at any time for the game not to be a forfeit. The opposition can oppose a replacement player at the beginning of the game. If so, the opposition MUST HELP in finding a mutually agreeable replacement player, so the game can be played.

7. You can bat a MAXIMUM 4 MALES IN A ROW in your batting order as long as 3 woman are in your line-up, 3 is the maximum with less than 10 players

8. Game times are 1 ½ hrs long. Last inning will be called regardless or innings played with 15 minutes left in the time slot allowed.


  • We allow ALL/ANY players to re-enter a game in any place in the line-up as long as they have re-entered/ played in the field first, in whatever line-up spot they are entering.


  • Barring injury or Team captain agreement. A batter must gain 1st base on his or her own before a pinch runner can be used. Only 3 pitch runners allowed per team per game. The same runner  may not run twice in the same game.
  • No stealing, no leadoffs, no anticipations.
  • Runners must touch all bases except home plate, someone touching home plate is an automatic out.
  • The commitment line is a painted pole after the turn of 3rd base (the first pole of the dugout door/entrance), if crossed by a runner for any reason that player must go home, no exceptions. (There is no run down/ tag out option, its over deal with it).
  • Runners must run to the orange bag at 1st base, touching the white bag is a automatic out. Any double occupied base where an out is attempted means that lead runner is out.


  • All bats used must have an ASA approved sticker (98MPH or under). Both teams must have access to using either teams bats. If you don’t want your special bat used, don’t bring it. (We are a fun league). Batter must have at least one foot inside the batters box (a 6ft by 3ft wide box adjacent to home plate)
  • Batters will be called out if they step on home plate and make contact with the ball regardless if hit fair or foul.
  • We play a strike is any pitch hitting any part of the pitching mat at home plate as a full rectangle. Not including the front part of the plate
  • We play with 2 ½ strikes (i.e. one foul ball at 2 strikes with the 2nd foul equalling a 3rd strike and a out).
  • Umpires will only call foul balls but will say nothing if the hit is fair.
  • Hitting out of order is an automatic out with any runners returning to where the started before the at bat.
  • The extension of the fence down the foul lines is out of play. This will be called by the umpire.
  • As an addendum to our existing bat rules, any new bats must have the following labeling:

  • Ausssa_web(1)

    ASA Approved Stamp and “NEW” USSSA Stamp


  • Pitchers must be no closer than the distance equal to the parallel line between 1st and 3rd bases (min 45 ft)
  • Any pitch must be higher than 6ft and less than 12ft
  • Any pitch higher or lower than these, is considered “illegal/no-pitch” which the batter may still swing at if they choose
  • A ball will be call automatically if the batter does not offer at the illegal pitch, but must be called as soon as it is deemed to give a batter fair advantage.


  • We play the infield fly rule; An infield fly ball hit with runners at 1st and 2nd with less than 2 out. Umpires will call this immediately so no advantage can be gained by the defense. If you intentionally drop a line drive or pop up to attempt a double play you are an a##hole and will be booed heavily.
  • OUTFIELD COMMITMENT LINE is in play, when a female is at bat. All outfielders including Rover crosses this line PRIOR to contact at the plate, IT IS AN AUTOMATIC SINGLE CALLED BY THE UMPIRE (S). This line will be marked and is 25 “large steps” from any infield base.
  • FOR ANY FEMALE BATTER, THE ROVER MUST be behind the line. No exceptions.
  • You CANNOT attempt to throw a player out at 1B if the ball is batted into the outfield. If the player rounds 1st they can be thrown out from anywhere. If the player has not yet achieved 1st base and a throw is attempted, the batter is granted 2nd base and any established runners advance accordingly (1 base max).


  • ANY Overthrow that goes out play. All base runners are entitled to the next base +1. No matter where they were at the time of throw, the time the ball rolled/flew out, no matter anything.  IN SUMMARY, the base you are heading towards (forwards or backwards) +1 base.
  • Umpire decisions are final. Right or Wrong at the time. Arguing a call is not acceptable no exceptions!


  • 4 separate weekends played, NOT 4 games, NOR 2 double headers etc. etc.
  • Only 4 weekends is acceptable. An at bat in a game counts as a game played, simply being “on the line up card” does not count for anything. Umpires/League official will have official line up books that will be considered FINAL if a debate occurs regarding eligibility in playoffs.  IF the umpires book is “wrong” accept it, it is final.

Any questions please call:

Doug Whidden 604-802-2965


Sean Hamilton 604-813-6362

Please make your team clean up after themselves and please use the washrooms provided at All times!!!


To all players involved in the Sunday Funday Softball League:

We have a great league and want to ensure it stays this way. We expect that all players show respect for umpires, opponents, and their teammates. This includes our surrounding neighborhood and it’s community.

Our goal with instituting the Player Code Of Conduct below is to create a personal responsibility for behavior that’s detrimental to our league, it’s overall fun, and the league’s existence in the future.

Player Code of Conduct:

Team Captains are responsible for all players reading and understanding the guidelines and procedures for violations of the following Code of Conduct for our league.
Any behavior or actions by a player, which are found to be offensive by anyone involved in a league game by teammates, opposition and umpires involved in said game.

Examples include, but are not limited to: verbal/physical abuse, threatening or menacing behavior, damaging or destruction of property, peeing on abuse of neighbor’s or Parks Board property.

Team Captains, and/or the umpires involved are to give a written report of the incident from their perspective to the Executive Committee within 24 hrs.

The Team Captain of the player(s) involved in said incident will be given a chance to respond in writing, within 24hrs of notice given by the Executive Committee.

Your league Executive Committee will then convene and rule accordingly. All decisions will be final and deemed to be in the best interest of our league and its continued success.

Using the guidelines below, The Executive Committee will rule as follows:

Executive Committee members will vote on their rulings as a group of four, using Sean Hamilton as a tie-breaking vote if necessary.

Discipline will be decided by the Executive Committee. Any offense could result in a penalty ranging from a player being placed on probation for the balance of our season, up to and including suspension from all league activities. Individuals deemed by the Executive Committee to have violated the code of conduct more than once will receive more severe and escalating penalties as repeat offenders.

Discipline will be determined on a case by case basis; however, below is a GENERAL GUIDELINE for a violation of our code of conduct.

This guideline is provided for informational purposes only. 

1st Offense = Probation for the balance of season

2nd Offense = Suspension for 1-4 games including probation for balance of season

3rd Offense = Suspension for 1 full calendar year. Players will have to submit a written letter to the Executive Committee explaining why they should be allowed to rejoin the league.

Note: If any member(s) of the Executive Committee are involved in an incident, they will recuse themselves from the process. Former members of the Executive Committee will replace them to keep a fair and unbiased process in place. All rulings will be sent out to all team captains by email, before the following week’s play.